We are able to provide a range of services, including consultancy, research, report writing and copy editing. Please contact Chris at for more information.


Chris worked in London for 5 years as a management consultant, and continues to work as a freelance consultant. His expertise includes market research, competitor analysis, corporate due diligence and developing business plans, as well as advising on corporate branding.


With a masters degree from Cambridge University, Chris has considerable experience devising and conducting research projects. Examples include market research analysing the impact of a TV advertising campaign (1800 participants); an investigation into differences between how men and women participate in the Christian church (450 participants); and quarterly analysis of market trends in the European energy sector.

Report Writing
Chris has written numerous reports, occasional papers and research summaries in a wide range of areas. See the Research section for some examples.

Copy Editing

Chris helped copy edit a recent book on Christian mission in Asia, and is available for further copy editing work. He can also arrange for proof-reading of manuscripts.

Teaching Business English

With a Trinity Certificate in TESOL, Chris is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language. His specialism is teaching English to businessmen, either individually or in small groups, and he was awarded the Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English in 2007. Since Spring 2008 he has been teaching English for beginners in Moldova.