Research and Papers

This section includes articles, research summaries and occasional papers written by Chris. If you have any queries or comments, or are interested in commissioning some research, please email

Mission Studies / Missiology
The Cross Over Europe: North East (Slavic) Europe (PDF, 115KB) in Vista, May 2014, Number 17

Labouring Together, Listening Together? Improving the effectiveness of short-term mission in Moldova by understanding church leaders’ experiences of working with foreign short-term missionaries (PDF, 314KB)

Labouring Together, Listening Together (Summary Version) (PDF, 236KB) in Encounters Mission Journal, December 2012, Issue 43

Believing in Grace Davie: what does she bring to an understanding of mission in Europe? (A paper exploring the secularisation of Europe) (PDF, 497KB) in Encounters Mission Journal, March 2011, Issue 36

In what ways can Christians in the West address the problems associated with poverty in the non-Western world? (PDF, 135KB)

Is globalisation bad for the poor? If so, what can Christians do about this? (PDF, 68KB)

In what ways are the changes in global culture likely to affect the practice of missions in the twenty-first century? (PDF, 594KB)

Despite the collapse of the European empires, are there elements of mission today that still betray 'colonial' attitudes? (PDF, 97KB)

In the light of 'missio Dei' (the mission of God), what new thinking is necessary for mission in the 21st century? (PDF, 67KB)

On whom should responsibility rest for identifying potential Business as Mission practitioners, and what criteria should they use in their selection? (PDF, 87KB)

Bible Studies and Exegesis

What can we understand by man being made in the ‘image of God’ in Genesis, and what missiological implications does this have? (PDF, 104KB)

An Exegesis of Isaiah 65:17-25 (PDF, 74KB)

Fatherhood and Sonship in John’s Gospel: A Literary Analysis (PDF, 57KB)

A Literary Analysis of Matthew 17:1-13 (The Transfiguration) (PDF, 65KB)

Illustrate the main characteristics of the work of the prophets first in the ninth century and then in the eighth century. Show how prophecy developed in this period (PDF, 48KB)

Describe some of the difficulties that are involved in the interpretation of Daniel. To what extent do these problems remain for contemporary scholars and Bible readers? (PDF, 64KB)

Leadership Studies

Global Leadership - Grasping a Slippery Term (PDF, 340KB) in Encounters Mission Journal, January 2012, Issue 39

"Organisations thrive on conflict." Evaluate this statement. Describe what methods you might use in an organisation of which you are the leader to resolve conflicts. (PDF, 54KB)

Men and the Church
Mind the Gap - Men's Churchgoing Relative to Women's (PDF, 474KB) in Quadrant, Sept. 2007, published by Christian Research

Disbanded Brothers - Has a 'Feminised' Church Alienated Men in the UK? (PDF, 560KB)

Disbanded Brothers (Summary) (PDF, 47KB)

The Pastoral Care of Men: In what ways, and for what reasons, should the Church be affirming men? (PDF, 80KB)


As we preach the good news, are we seeking that people are saved from eternal punishment or annihilation? Why do you take one view in preference to the other? (PDF, 94KB)

An analysis and critical evaluation of Gutiérrez’s conception of "God as Liberator" (with special reference to A Theology of Liberation) (PDF, 137KB)

What was the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and how far do you consider it to be a genuine work of the Holy Spirit? On what grounds do you hold your view? (PDF, 69KB)

Faith with Deeds: The Priority of Praxis in Liberation Theology (PDF, 72KB)