Moldovan Music

We want to share with you some of the beautiful music from this beautiful country. You can save these files to your computer by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target as..." Enjoy!

Traditional Moldovan Music

Drumurile Noastre (Our Roads)
E Grea Viata prin Straini (It's a Hard Life for Foreigners)
Mama, de Tine Mi-e Dor (Mummy, I Miss You Dearly)
Soarta si Destinul (Fate and Destiny)

Christian Worship in Romanian/Moldovan

In Mana Ta (In Your Hand)
Jertfa Ta (Your Sacrifice)
Mila Ta (Your Mercy)
Ce Mare E Dumnezeu (Our God is a Great Big God)

Worship from Dancu Church

Pe Pamint (On Earth)
Bunatatea Ta (Your Goodness)
Lumina Lumina (Light, Light)
Imparat Esti (You Are King)
Doar O Coliba (Only a Hovel)
Iti Voi Cinta Slava (I Will Sing Your Praises)
Indreapta-mi Inima (Turn My Heart)
Noapte - Adinca (In the Deep of Night)
Kuda Ti Peredi Mne (Where Should I Go?)
Belii Sneg (White Snow)
Lesa Lesa (Traditional Gypsy Song)
Numai Harul (Only By Grace)