Language in Moldova

Bună ziua! This section tells you a little about the language of Moldova. Although some people continue to speak Russian here (a legacy of Moldova's Soviet past), the official language is Romanian. This is sometimes called Moldovan, though there are few significant differences between the languages spoken in Romania and Moldova. Romanian is a Romance language spoken by some 25 million people. It developed from Latin and has similarities to French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The Romanian alphabet has 31 letters (although between 1940-1989 Moldovans were forced to use the Cyrillic alphabet).

Online Learning Materials

Learn some basic phrases with
Study Romanian online here with 30 hours of tuition
Study with an online tutor here
Download a grammar guide (PDF, 1.86MB)
Hear basic Romanian sentences on this Youtube video (3:14).

Recommended Books

"Colloquial Romanian: The Complete Course for Beginners" by Ramona Gönczöl-Davies and Dennis Deletant (3rd edition, 2002)
"Teach Yourself Romanian" by Dennis Deletant and Yvonne Alexandrescu (2003)
"Teach Yourself Romanian: Romanian for the English Speaking World" by Eugenia Tănăsescu (2007)
"You Can Speak Romanian" by Dana Cojocaru (2008)

Some Key Words and Phrases

Cum vă cheamă? (What is your name?)
Mă cheamă... (My name is...)
De unde sunteţi? (Where are you from?)
Sunt din Anglia (I'm from England)
Vă rog (Please)
Mulţumesc (Thank you)
Ce mai faceţi? (How are you?)
Bine (OK/Well)
Îmi pare bine (I'm pleased to meet you)
Nu înţeleg (I don't understand)
Bună dimineaţa/ziua/seara (Good morning/afternoon/evening)
La revedere (Goodbye)
Dumnezeu să vă binecuvînteze (God bless you)
Fiindcă atît de mult a iubit Dumnezeu lumea, că a dat pe singurul Lui Fiu, pentru ca oricine crede în El, să nu piară, ci să aibă viaţa veşnică. (For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.)