About Dancu and Tabita

Dancu is a village in the west of Moldova, close to the Romanian border. From 2007-2012, it was our mission base as we worked together with the local Baptist church. Dancu has a population of about 2000, and the church has some 60-70 members. Dancu is amongst the poorest villages in Moldova: unemployment is very high; good land lies fallow because farmers cannot afford to work it; wages average £20-£30 per month; young people leave the village to find work abroad; alcoholism is a widespread problem; and the social infrastructure has not recovered to the level it reached before the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

Faced with widespread poverty and a sense of hopelessness, the church is involved in a range of social and economic projects, such as:
  • pig and cow breeding provides poor families with free livestock
  • poor farmers - without their own machinery - are empowered through a mechanization project (tractors, combine harvesters, etc.)
  • dairy, cereal and oil products support orphanages and the poor
  • Tabita's new barn means poor farmers can store crops and sell them when prices are much higher
  • free vocational training is offered to a small number of young people
Through these and other measures, the church's Tabita Association aims to help the 150-200 poorest families in Dancu, lifting them out of poverty and into sustainable livelihoods. This is a powerful testimony to God's love for the poor, and a response to the hopelessness that is fostered by poverty. For more information, email Chris (mission@theduckers.org) or Slavic (dancutabita@yahoo.co.uk).

Members of Dancu Church Dancu Church viewed from afar Dancu is next to the flood plains of the River Prut Members of the church's youthgroup The school in Dancu A traditional house in Dancu Dancu's new communal barn Tabita machinery bringing in the harvest