Summer Camps and Holiday Clubs

Each year we help organise summer camps and holiday clubs in villages in the west of Moldova, such as Dancu, Horjeşti, Pogăneşti and Mîrzoaia/Nisporeni. These attract between 90 and 180 children and teenagers, and have been based in schools, churches and residential sites. Would you be interested in coming as a helper on one of these camps? We've had volunteers aged 18 and those in their fifties, from many different backgrounds. We need helpers who are good with children - any other skills would be a bonus (such as English teaching, craft skills, organising games, playing a musical instrument, etc.).

The main parts of each camp (tabara) are: Bible lessons; sports; craft activities; worship times; prayer times; English lessons; drama and music workshops; as well as free time to get to know the children. If you'd like to come and help on a tabara, please contact us.