Appeal - Developing a Canteen, Park & Youth Rooms for Răzeşi

In March 2013 we launched our latest fundraising project: developing an old school house into a mission base / community centre for all generations. Our vision is to:
• convert three rooms into (1) a teaching room, (2) a games room for children and teenagers, (3) a social space for young adults
• develop the canteen so more elderly people can be fed there (only 28 at present) and increase sustainability by installing polytunnels for growing vegetables
• create a communal park for both elderly people and children.

The renovation work required is relatively moderate (compared to the task of building the Community Centre in Dancu!) and we are glad to be able to use an existing community building. When it’s complete (September 2013) we’ll be able to use the building not just for meals for the elderly, but also for different youth groups, English classes, and hopefully Bible studies and outreach amongst young people. We want to bring people together - and we want all generations to be blessed by our work here.