Previous Appeal: Dancu Youth and Community Centre

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Transformation of the Centre from April 2011... August 2011...
...and finally in October 2011

As the church's work with children and young people has grown, so has its vision! Each year we have contact with 250-300 local children through our youth group, holiday clubs and other activities. We hope to build on this work by converting two derelict buildings into a youth centre, from where we can run lots more activities, children's groups, after school clubs, seminars, vocational training and an internet cafe. We also plan to train and mentor the next generation of youth leaders from Dancu and other villages in our region.

Our vision is for the Centre to be a catalyst bringing about spiritual, educational, economic and communal transformation - bringing hope where there is very little. Further information is available in this PDF document (2MB).

The internet cafe - before (April) and after (September)

And some photos from the finished Centre in October 2011:

Hall of Fame - Community Centre Work Teams, April - October 2011