Previous Appeal: Dancu Barn

After 6 months of fundraising and building work, Dancu's communal barn opened in July 2008, just in time for the wheat harvest. We want to thank everyone in England who made this possible, through their tireless fundraising and generous giving.

When we launched the Dancu Barn Appeal, we explained how important the barn would be in raising incomes in the village. By storing their wheat, maize and sunflower in the barn, farmers connected to the Dancu Tabita Association can sell later in the year when prices will be 30-40% higher. With nearly three-quarters of the population living below the subsistence level, this extra income will help lift many people out of poverty. It is hoped that in 2008 alone, Dancu Tabita (the church's charity) will be able to help some 150 families.

Dancu Barn

The barn's manager, Slavic, spoke about the impact this project will have:
"These families will have a better income, and this will encourage them to stay in Dancu and not leave for the city. It will be a big motivation for them. This project is an example for other villages. The next thing for us is to complete the mechanization, so farmers here can grow their crops and not have to worry about whether they can harvest them."

Inside Dancu Barn

Helping people with their material needs, and bringing hope to the community, is an important part of our witness in Moldova, alongside preaching the Gospel.

To read the original Dancu Barn Appeal, please click here (PDF, 204KB).
To read the final report of the Appeal, and to see more photos of the completed barn, please click here (PDF, 469KB).