About Us

We are a Christian family from the UK, called to serve as missionaries in Moldova.

We met in the mid-1990s, and married in 2000. Our first child, Hannah, was born in March 2005, and Daniel was born in February 2007 (on Valentine's Day, which Chris says was the perfect gift from Helen!). We were blessed with a third child in January 2010, and gave her the Moldovan name Adelina.

After 5 years in London working as a management consultant (Chris) and at an educational charity (Helen), we left our jobs and headed to mission college, studying theology, learning to communicate cross-culturally, and preparing for life as missionaries. Being led by the Lord to Moldova, we were commissioned by our home church and then moved to Moldova in October 2007. Our ministry has been based in the Prut Valley in the west of Moldova, first in Dancu and then, from November 2012, Răzeşi.

We are passionately committed to serving Christ by sharing His love among the poor, the marginalised, and those who haven't yet heard the Gospel. We believe in the power of Christ to transform people's lives and their communities; in the church as a visible witness to God's love; and in holistic mission that responds to people's spiritual, material and social needs. Such mission should be contextualised, in partnership with local believers, and with an awareness of the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

Left: Chris and Helen with Hannah (7), Daniel (5) and Adelina (2), August 2012.

With baby Adelina, February 2010

Left: Chris and Helen with children
Hannah and Daniel and baby
Adelina, February 2010.

In Gloucester, 2007

Left: The Duckers in Gloucester,
June 2007.